America Succeeds is connecting the durable skills employers are demanding with how students are being prepared in classrooms.

Unlocking human potential, which leads to economic mobility and equity, relies on a combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed in the workforce. Like knowledge or technical abilities, fluency and mastery of durable skills across the workforce isn’t something that will just happen – we need intentional, strategic policies, and practices that strengthen the linkages between education and workforce. Current state policies around college and career readiness and work-based learning are typically a patchwork of standards and requirements rather than the product of a meaningful, coherent plan that positions schools and educators to provide students with the experiences to develop this skill set. This website provides a roadmap of opportunities for change and will serve as a catalyst for strengthening and advancing durable skills in action across the nation.

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Durable skills (also known as ‘soft skills’) are skills we use to share what we know, like critical thinking, collaboration, or communication, as well as character skills like fortitude and leadership. Better integrating durable skills into education pathways will help ensure a broader, more inclusive group of learners ultimately find success in their careers and communities.

Questions We Answer

Are schools in my state adequately preparing students with the skills needed to be successful for their futures?

How does my state compare to others in equipping students with the skills needed for success in college and career?

What are the top durable skills demanded by employers in my state?

How can my state better prepare students with the skills that will power their careers?

What are some examples of states who are aligning coursework with industry demanded skills?

Which durable skills are aligned with state standards?

The Problem

Current state policies around college and career readiness and work-based learning are a patchwork of standards and while some are sufficient, many are outdated, vague, or don’t exist at all. As we look toward the future, it is imperative for learners to better develop durable skills to prepare them for future success. Ensuring every student develops the skills they need will require policy action and we hope this website will serve as a catalyst for strengthening and advancing standards across the nation.


How We Can Advance Durable Skills
  • Develop a unified vision of college and career readiness for all students that incorporates durable skills.
  • Identify metrics that can be used to determine student acquisition of durable skills.
  • Collect, connect, and report on how well students are progressing toward being ready for success after highschool.

Perspectives on durable skills

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